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Rehab Hospital Programs at TIRR Memorial Hermann

Some of the world’s leading physicians in rehabilitation medicine provide care at TIRR Memorial Hermann. The patient care environment blends passionate people, exemplary care and a commitment to overall quality of life. TIRR Memorial Hermann transforms lives and inspires hope in people whose lives have been significantly altered by an illness or injury.

Medical rehabilitation has rapidly developed and expanded in recent years, permitting many people with injuries or disabilities to achieve far greater levels of function and independence than previously thought possible. These medical and technological advances – along with appropriate case management and early admission to rehabilitation programs – have prevented complications, improved quality of life and reduced lifetime medical expenses.

Core Hospital Rehabilitation Programs

TIRR Memorial Hermann offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs and services that address the individual needs of each patient who has experienced catastrophic injuries or illnesses. Core hospital rehab programs include:

These programs focus on maximizing the patient’s functional abilities by providing specialized medical management, nursing and therapy services in individual, group and community settings.

Therapists work on movement, coordination, transfer skills, speech, language and swallowing.  Support groups, counseling and individualized training are provided to prepare patients, their families and caregivers for additional responsibilities upon discharge.

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