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Digital Swallowing Workstation

Improving Imaging and Analysis with the KayPENTAX Digital Swallowing Workstation

TIRR Memorial Hermann offers a new swallowing workstation technology that helps medical professionals assess and improve a patient's swallowing. Housed on a mobile cart that can be rolled to radiology or to the bedside, the swallow station can be used for imaging studies, therapy, patient and family education and further evaluation.

The workstation has three components:

  • digital recording
  • a swallow signals lab
  • fiber endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)

Digital Recording

Digital recording allows for visualization and recording of modified barium swallow studies without exposing the patient to additional radiation. Studies are stored and can be retrieved and analyzed in real time, either frame by frame or in slow motion. Multiple swallow studies can be compared side by side to evaluate a patient's improvement.

Swallow Signals Lab

The swallow signals lab can be used to enhance therapy by giving patients visual feedback on a screen, which facilitates learning during swallowing exercises. Patients are able to see how they're breathing in relation to each swallow and see the timing of each swallow.

Fiber Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

FEES is an endoscopic technique used to evaluation patients with dysphagia. During the procedure a flexible tube is passed through the nose, allowing clinicians to see internal structures during swallowing and non-swallowing tasks.

FEES advantages over fluoroscopy include:

  • No exposure to radiation
  • Test is portable
  • Good for repeat evaluations
  • Lower cost
  • Suitable for patients on a ventilator or those with physical impairments


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