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Amputation and Limb Loss

Internationally Recognized Center of Excellence

Amputee Therapy

The Amputee Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann prepares patients and their families to cope physically and psychologically with the traumatic or surgical loss of a limb, or a congenital limb deficiency. The rehabilitation process includes a pre-prosthetic program and prosthetic training when appropriate.

The clinical treatment team of the Amputee Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann is internationally recognized, particularly for their work with patients with upper-limb and multiple amputations.

Research Grants

As a Center of Excellence, the program has been awarded significant research grants, including one from the Veterans Administration entitled "Establishing Standards of Care: Upper Limb Prosthetic Services," and a grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for "Applying Space Technology to Enhance Control of an Artificial Arm."

Affiliated with the Amputee Coalition

Amputee Coalition LogoTIRR Memorial Hermann is affiliated with the Amputee Coalition, a leading advocacy group for amputees and their families, to provide education, peer support, and training for patients, families and community members. Learn more at the Amputee Coalition website.

Pre-Prosthetic Program

The rehabilitation process begins postoperatively with a pre-prosthetic program that focuses on preparing the limb for a possible prosthesis. The goals of this phase of rehabilitation are:

  • Wound and pain management
  • Proper positioning and prevention of contractures
  • Building strength and endurance
  • Learning the skills necessary to achieve maximum independence without a prosthesis.

Prosthetic Training

Amputation TherapyThe treatment team at TIRR Memorial Hermann works with the patient to determine if prosthetic training is appropriate. If so, the next phase of rehabilitation involves team collaboration with a prosthetist to determine the type of prosthesis, followed by an intensive training program to ensure optimal fit and function.

Once the patient's prosthetic training is completed, outpatient follow-up assures continued comfort and functional independence with the prosthesis.

Amputee Patient Stories

Laura Snell After Amputation

"When I woke up, I knew that my legs had been amputated,” Laura says. Under the care of TIRR Memorial Hermann’s Amputee Program, Laura started walking.

Read the Story »

Post Amputation Pain Webinar


Patient Resources

Download the Rehab After Limb Loss Manual (English) »
The information presented in this document is educational and not intended as medical advice or the practice of medicine. Specific aspects of your outcomes and care should be addressed and answered after consultation with your physician.

Download our inpatient rehabilitation fact sheet for more information about the program and patient outcomes.


Amputee/Orthotics Doctors

TIRR Memorial Hermann's amputation and orthotics experts bring individualized, highly specialized care to patients following amputation. Learn more about our amputee/orthotics specialists »

Amputee Program Admissions & Referrals

To learn more about participating in the Amputee Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann, please call 1 (800) 44-REHAB (73422), (713) 797-5942, fax (713) 797-5988 or contact us.