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Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency

Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency

In Collaboration with Texas Woman's University and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Commitment to Clinical Excellence and Education

We provide a post-professional neurologic physical therapy residency program accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association. We offer a 52-week program which includes a wide range of clinical and didactic experiences across the lifespan and continuum of care. This collaborative program provides licensed physical therapists the ability to enhance their skills while working with clinical experts in the area of neurologic physical therapy and academicians of two major educational institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, post-professional education in neurologic physical therapy and to develop expert clinicians who utilize cutting edge interventions, interdisciplinary collaboration and compassion to achieve the best clinical outcomes.  This mission is accomplished by basing the program on the foundational sciences and allowing the residents the opportunity to experience the entire continuum of care.

Professional Growth and Development

Breadth and Depth of Clinical Rotations

As one of the nation's leading healthcare systems, the TIRR Memorial Hermann Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program offers the residents the entire continuum of care and patient lifespan in the practice of neurologic physical therapy. This wide exposure allows the residents to enhance their clinical decision making skills and develop their confidence as expert clinicians.

Enriched Didactic Experiences

The academic courses offered by Texas Woman's University and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston include foundational and clinical sciences, as well as critical inquiry. Educational and research opportunities at both institutions contribute to a solid foundation in neurologic physical therapy practice.

Learning modules are provided by interdisciplinary instructors who are experts in the curriculum content and patient management They create enriched learning experiences for enhanced knowledge acquisition and clinical application.

Dedicated Faculty and Mentors

Neurologic Physical Therapy ResidencyThe faculty members and mentors of our residency program are leading educators and clinicians. They are committed to the development of practitioners with advanced clinical skills in the management of patients with neurologic dysfunction across the continuum of care.

Challenging and Rewarding Training Environment

Our residency training program strives for excellence in the areas of clinical practice, education and inquiry. In these areas, we seek to provide the residents with experiences that are challenging, yet rewarding, in order to enhance their professional growth and development.

Program Benefits to Our Profession

  • A model for professional growth and development
  • Develops practitioners with advanced clinical skills across the continuum of care 
  • Aligns with the APTA's Vision 2020-where physical therapy services are provided by specialists in a practice area 
  • Increases the number of physical therapists with advanced knowledge in the area of neurologic physical therapy 
  • Enhances the quality and consistency of care for patients with neurologic diagnoses 

Program Benefits to the Resident

  • Clinical mentoring
  • Acquire advanced clinical skills in the management of patients with complex neurologic dysfunction
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • Provides opportunities for clinical research in collaboration with local universities
  • Prepares the resident for the American Physical Therapy Specialist Examination in Neurologic Physical Therapy to become a board-certified clinical specialist  
  • Allows the resident to "earn while he/she learns" (20 clinical hours per week, minimum of 15)
  • Resident will receive paid time off and medical/dental benefits

*This program is credentialed by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post-professional clinical residency program for physical therapists in Neurology.

For more information, contact:

Anna Lisa De Joya, PT, DSc, NCS
Residency Director

TIRR Memorial Hermann Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program
1333 Moursund St.
Houston, Texas 77030
(713) 797-7627