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TIRR Memorial Hermann Continuing Education Courses

The following are active courses that TIRR Memorial Hermann is offering for Continuing Education. To see a list of our previous courses, visit our past courses page.

Translating the Science to Practice: Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning in Neurological Rehabilitation

July 7, 2018
TIRR Memorial Hermann, 2nd floor Research Conference Center

This course will provide a brief focused review of current literature of neuroplasticity and the clinical research demonstrating the occurrence of neuroplastic changes following injury. In this course, participants will review the models of motor learning along with the supporting and contradictory evidence related to each model.

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Clinical Evaluation and Management of Visual and Perceptual Impairments: A “Hands-On” Approach

July 14-15, 2018
TIRR Memorial Hermann Inpatient Rehabilitation - Greater Heights, South Tower Conference Center, Main Entrance, Conference Rooms BCDE

In this two-day course, experienced clinicians will offer their knowledge of the visual system, assessment techniques, professional networking regarding visual management, and clinical manifestations of common visual impairments following stroke and traumatic brain injury.

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Pathological Gait Analysis and Orthotic Intervention for Adults with Neurologic Dysfunction

July 28-29, 2018
TIRR Memorial Hermann, Research Building, 2nd floor

This intermediate level course will apply the participants’ knowledge of normal gait to the analysis of pathological gait in persons with neurological injuries. Also included will be practical information in regards to biomechanics, component selection, prescription rationale, orthotic design and problem solving. Interventions targeting pathological gait will be reviewed, including orthotic intervention. This information will be conveyed through lecture, video case presentations, clinical observation and resident case presentations.

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Neurobehavioral Changes after Acquired Brain Injury: A Team Approach to Understanding Diagnosis and Interventions

August 30, 2018
Discovery Room - TIRR Memorial Hermann Research Conference Center Basement

This course is designed for health professionals working with the brain injury population. Through lecture and discussion, participants will learn to describe common behaviors in the brain injury population, learn to use various outcomes measures, and be able to implement behavior management strategies. The focus of this course is to improve the consistency of communication among health professionals with clearly defined terms of behaviors, and to improve the therapeutic approach to patients with behavioral deficits by providing participants with evidenced-based interventions for this population.

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Rehabilitation Nursing Review Workshop: Preparation for the Certified Rehabilitation

September 28, 2018
TIRR Memorial Hermann Research Conference Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room

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