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Symposium Agenda

Full schedule of topics coming soon.

Proposed WeRob2019 Topics


Plenary Talks

Wearable Robots and NeuroplasticityWearable Robots in Space
Human Robot InterfaceSelective Support of Gait Subtasks in Robot Aided Gait Training
Findings From a Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trail of Exosckeletal-Assisted Walking in Persons with Spinal Cord InjuryA Pediatric Robotic Exoskeleton for Gait Training
Wearable Exoskeletons in the WorkplaceWearable Robots for Health and Wellness in Aging
Exoskeleton for Worker Safety and Performance AugmentationUpdates in Wearable Robotics Clinical Research
A Framework for Evaluation of Cognitive Factors for Human-Exoskeleton PerformanceExoskeleton Development for Pediatric Neurorehhabilitation
Space Applications of Wearable Devices

Session Topics

Motivational Aspects of Exoskeleton UseUpdates in Wearable Robotics Clinical Research
Biologically-Inspired Soft ExosuitPediatric Use of Wearable Exosckeletons
Ethics of Using Wearable Robots in RehabilitationHuman-Machine Interaction
End Users and ADABridging Biomechanics, Control Theory, and Human Factors to Advance Wearable Technology
Federal Agencies and OversightLocomotor Adaption
Overcoming Key Barriers to Workplace Integration: The Science, Design and Evaluation of Spring-Powered ExosuitsBuilding Reliable Advances and Innovation in Neurotechnology (BRAIN)
Texas Coalition: Neurophysiological Considerations in Exoskeletal DesignSpecial Interest Groups
Research Paper Presentations


Poster Viewing SessionsProduct Theatre
ExhibitorsWine and Cheese Networking Event