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TIRR Outpatient Rehabilitation for Children and Teens Photo Gallery

Use the yellow arrows below to view photos of the TIRR outpatient rehabilitation program for children and teens. 

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TIRR Children's Outpatient Rehab

Our program provides comprehensive, targeted rehabilitation services for our patients. 

TIRR Outpatient Childrens - Walking Therapy

The child will receive an integrated and intensive rehabilitation program in a clinical setting. 

TIRR Outpatient Childrens Rehab

Patients are admitted from birth to 21 years of age.

TIRR Outpatient Childrens Rehab Services

Our youngest patients will receive physical as well as emotional support. 

TIRR Childrens Rehab Exercises

Personalized treatment helps to optimize balance, mobility, endurance and more.

TIRR Childrens Rehab Therapy

Our highly trained therapists treat the physical challenges that may result from injury or disorder.