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Rehab Program for Teens

A Unique Approach Just for Teens

Teen Patient for TIRRThe TIRR Memorial Hermann Inpatient Program for Teens has a highly specialized staff of physicians and rehabilitation professionals who practice a unified, patient-focused and interdisciplinary approach to care.

The program for adolescents focuses on facilitating function and independence by addressing physical, social, psychological, cognitive and communicative needs. By placing a high priority on the involvement of family, we empower the family to solve problems, access resources and feel comfortable in providing care.

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Comprehensive Continuum of Care

Adolescents with disabilities benefit from the continuity of care available to them within TIRR Memorial Hermann’s continuum of services. The continuum includes:

  • Collaboration with the acute care hospital during the initial stages of injury or illness
  • Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation in a hospital setting
  • Outpatient rehabilitation

Teen Rehabilitation Specialists

Dr. Glendaliz Bosques is the Pediatric Rehabilitation Consultant at TIRR Memorial Hermann. 

Special Services For Teens

The Inpatient Program for Teens offers special services customized to the needs of adolescents, including:

  • Adolescents-only therapeutic group with activities including music therapy, movies, cooking, board games, Nintendo Wii, football, basketball and outings such as the Houston Rodeo, nail salons and nearby restaurants
  • TIRR Memorial Hermann Sports
  • Therapeutic outings to places such as local college campuses for return to school prep
  • Houston Independent School District (HISD) School Program
  • Transition with return to school after injury
  • Transition of equipment to meet teens' growing needs by working with durable medical equipment (DME) professionals

Admissions and Referrals for Teen Rehabilitation Program

We welcome self-referrals as well as referrals by physicians, healthcare professionals, family members, case managers or insurance companies. For questions or appointments, please call the Admissions department at (713) 797-5942 or toll free 1 (800) 44-REHAB (73422).

Admission Criteria

Patients admitted to the Program for Teens must be 13 years of age or older. On occasion, a child younger than 13 may be admitted, at the discretion of the attending physician. Children younger than 13 should weigh at least 50 kilograms (110 pounds). Children who are ventilator-dependent are not admitted if they are less than 13 years old.