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Minimally Conscious Program

The Minimally Conscious Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann is a comprehensive, integrated, interdisciplinary approach designed to provide patients in a minimally conscious state (MCS) an optimal chance for recovery. MCS is a condition of severely altered consciousness in which patients have partial preservation of conscious awareness. Breakthroughs in medical research have given rise to standardized treatment methodologies for this patient population. TIRR Memorial Hermann is applying these best practices to facilitate recovery of consciousness, reduce recurrent acute medical hospitalizations, prevent secondary complications of injury and maximize outcomes.

An individualized plan of care is developed for each patient and includes the shared goals of the patient and family. The patient's medical condition is optimized through a program designed to increase arousal levels, regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduce spasticity, manage nutritional needs, and normalize bladder and bowel function.

A cognitive management team evaluates patients utilizing a standardized assessment tool, and identifies ways to improve consistent communication. Caregivers are trained so that they may provide appropriate care of the patient following discharge.

The Minimally Conscious Program is supported by a team of clinicians who specialize in treating this patient population. The treatment team may consist of:

  • Physiatrist
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech pathologist
  • Rehabilitation nurse
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Music therapist
  • Recreational therapist
  • Respiratory therapist
  • Chaplain
  • Social worker
  • Case Manager

Minimally Conscious Program Goals

The goals of The Minimally Conscious Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann are to:

  • Facilitate the recovery of consciousness
  • Optimize medical status
  • Establish a sitting and / or standing program
  • Facilitate neuromuscular re-education for improved motor recovery
  • Prevent and / or decrease complications, such as spasticity or contractures, in preparation for functional activities
  • Educate / train family and caregivers
  • identify appropriate equipment
  • Facilitate an appropriate discharge plan

Learn More

To make a referral or learn more about the Minimally Conscious Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann please call (713) 797-5942