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Community Integration

TIRR Memorial Hermann and the Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Network specialize in transforming lives that have been significantly altered by an illness or injury. From our inpatient rehabilitation facilities across greater Houston to our outpatient therapy programs, we have one goal; getting our patients back to the life they love. Each facet of our inpatient and outpatient programs contributes to our patients’ community reintegration outcomes.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation Video

TIRR Texans Rugby

TIRR Texans Rugby Video

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Video

Therapeutic recreation encourages creativity, promotes social interaction and helps patients recovering from spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury work on enhancing their functional abilities. At TIRR Memorial Hermann, therapeutic recreation specialists, occupational therapists and physical therapists involve patients in various activity groups and schedule community outings ranging from shopping to group dining at restaurants to visits to the Houston Museum of Science or the University of Houston, based on their individual goals.

"On these outings we create a zone of safety so patients are more willing to explore new ways of doing things,” says therapeutic recreation specialist Ava Skrabanek, CTRS. “We process the experience with them and teach them problem-solving skills so they can be creative in learning how to live in the community in a new way. Many patients are apprehensive about their first return to the community. We help them work through that apprehension. For the most part, people report they are proud of their accomplishment.”

Erin Henry, OTR, coordinates the Community Reintegration Program, a three-hour group where up to six patients with spinal cord injury work on functional skills in various community settings. “At most facilities the goal is to get patients home,” she says. “Our end goal is to get the patient active in the community. That means making sure they know how to get around town using public transportation or go to the airport if they want to travel. Outings offer them an opportunity to practice skills learned in therapy, while in the community in the safe company of a group of peers.

Two groups are open to patients with brain injury. Members of REACH plan a three-hour outing to work on developing their higher-level skills. The Community Awareness Program helps lower-level patients with brain injury work on their endurance in the community. “Every patient at TIRR Memorial Hermann is different and has unique goals,” Henry says. “We have outings to suit everyone and align with their goals."

“Outings are a good practice run,” Skrabanek adds. “They break the ice and provide a good opportunity to work out the kinks before returning to life in the community.”

The Challenge Program

The TIRR Memorial Hermann Challenge program is a comprehensive community re-integration program for brain injury survivors, 14 years of age or older. The program assists individuals in returning to community activities such as work, school or volunteering, or to a higher level of independence. Educational services prepare the high school and post-secondary school student to succeed in an educational environment. Therapy staff consults with school personnel about appropriate accommodations in the academic setting.

Adaptive Sports

TIRR Memorial Hermann Sports was developed to give athletes with all types of disabilities an outlet to continue playing sports both competitively and through intramural programs, including Basketball, Rugby, Hand cycling and Ultimate Frisbee.

What’s your passion? Our programs are geared to allow patients to participate in the things they love including:

TIRR comm reint
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Back to work
  • Back to school
  • Active participant in medical treatment/therapy
  • Engage in social events/environment/religions
  • Live at home
  • Participate in organized sports
  • Continue friendships and relationships, establishing new ones

Providing our patients with the opportunities to reintegrate into their communities increases the chances for better rehabilitation outcomes and recovery.

TIRR Memorial Hermann patients getting back to the life they love


Chance Booth

Chance survived a near-deadly texting and driving accident. Through the TIRR Memorial Hermann rehab hospital programs, he's well on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

mike mccormick

Mike McCormick

Mike, a professional photographer, recovers from a stroke. Recently he returned to work with the therapy he received through the Challenge program

TIRR Texans Rugby

Adaptive Sports

Quad Rugby is a fast-paced adaptive sport similar to a mix between soccer and football, but played in wheelchairs. Watch TIRR Memorial Hermann’s team and find out more about our adaptive sports programs.

Get back to the life you love

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