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Dr. Fabiolla Kopp

Dr. KoppAttending Physician, TIRR Memorial Hermann

Dr. Fabiolla Kopp attended Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica. She completed her residency training at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C., and a brain injury fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine/UTHealth Alliance for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

She is an attending physician at TIRR Memorial Hermann and an assistant professor of PM&R at Baylor College of Medicine.


Clinical Interests & Specialties

Dr. Kopps’s clinical interests are in brain injury medicine, stroke medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

"I was interested in helping patients regain functional independence after a catastrophic injury whether TBI or Stroke. There is no other place like TIRR where I could see such a variety of etiologies and complexities. Great place for junior staff to start working.”

- Dr. Fabiolla Kopp