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Dr. Carolina Gutierrez, MD

Dr. Carolina Gutierrez 150 x 288Cancer Rehabilitation, Consulting Physician

Dr. Gutierrez realizes the importance of getting to know her patients and their personal goals. She has a special interest in addressing the unique rehabilitation needs of those whose lives have been affected by cancer. She takes a team approach to optimize her patients’ outcomes from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship. Dr. Gutierrez is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Away from the office, Dr. Gutierrez likes spending time with her family and friends and enjoys the outdoors and staying active.

Services Provided by Dr. Gutierrez

Inpatient and Outpatient Consultation Cancer rehabilitation areas of focus include:

  • Preservation and restoration of function
  • Support for cancer or cancer treatment-related impairments
    • Cognitive dysfunction (“chemo-brain”)
    • Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
    • Fatigue
  • Community reintegration (return to work and independence)
  • Health promotion (physical activity and nutrition)
  • Development and coordination of an interdisciplinary plan of care

Research Interests

Dr. Gutierrez is involved in cancer rehabilitation research focusing on improving function and quality of life. She is a published author and has presented at national and international conferences.


Cancer Rehabilitation – University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston.


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – East Carolina University
Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, North Carolina


Internal Medicine – New York Medical College, New York


Doctor of Medicine – Universidad el Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia

To Schedule an Appointment

Phone: 1 (800) 44-REHAB (73422) or (713) 797-5942
Fax: 713.797.5988

Outpatient Medical Clinic

TIRR Memorial Hermann
Texas Medical Center
1333 Moursund
Houston, TX 77030