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Dr. Anand Allam

Anand Allam, M.D.Attending Physician, TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation

Dr. Allam realizes the importance of getting to know his patients and their goals. He believes in actively listening and acknowledging each trial and triumph during the rehabilitation process. With a clinical interest in neurorehabilitation, Dr. Allam takes a team approach to optimize his patients’ outcomes.

Having additional training in engineering and health informatics, Dr. Allam is interested in medical technology from devices to data-driven care. By studying methods to leverage technology for clinical care, he seeks to promote patient education, empowerment and outcomes.

Education, Residency & Fellowship


Doctor of Medicine – University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Baylor College of Medicine


Spinal Cord Injury Medicine - McGovern Medical School at UTHealth


Dr. Allam provides inpatient rehabilitation management of persons who have sustained:

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