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Cancer Rehabilitation Doctors

The cancer rehabilitation specialists at TIRR Memorial Hermann focus on preservation and restoration of function, support for cancer treatment related impairments, community integration and health promotion. One cancer specialist affiliated with TIRR Memorial Hermann is fellowship trained in rehabilitative care of cancer and complications related to cancer and is among the most experienced in the nation in the management of inpatient and outpatient consultations for cancer rehabilitation.

Dr. Carolina Gutierrez

Dr. Matt Davis, M.D.

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  • Preservation and restoration of function
  • Support for cancer or cancer treatment-related impairments
    • Cognitive dysfunction (“chemo-brain”)
    • Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
    • Fatigue
  • Community reintegration (return to work and independence)
  • Health promotion (physical activity and nutrition)
  • Development and coordination of an interdisciplinary plan of care

Dr. Prathap J. Joseph

Dr. Prathap J. Joseph

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