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Moya: Cerebral Palsy



As an infant, Moya was diagnosed with a global developmental delay and, as a toddler, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She was delayed in movements and milestones that a toddler normally accomplishes, such as sitting up, standing and saying a few clear words.

Moya had received therapy before she began rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann Kirby Glen, but her parents noticed a striking difference and more progress once her treatment there began. Her therapists began more aggressive therapy and are always looking for ways to enhance and challenge her.  

Moya attends therapy three times per week, receiving one hour of physical, occupational and speech therapies and occasional music therapy. Her parents also appreciate that therapy is targeted for their child’s needs and designed to challenge her deficits. They also report that the entire staff at TIRR Kirby Glen is second to none. "From the administrative assistants to the clinicians, they are all dedicated, competent, courteous professionals. It’s a warm, welcoming, fun atmosphere." 

Since attending TIRR, Moya has been fitted with lightweight ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and a manual wheelchair. The therapists are trying to prepare her for preschool and a classroom setting. Therapists are also working on an early intervention program by teaching Moya to use a wheelchair in preparation for pre-school and increased mobility at home. The wheelchair is equipped with a desk tray and is beneficial to her development. She is encouraged to sit up in her wheelchair to do play tasks and she works on feeding herself, which reinforces some of her occupational therapy. 

Since beginning speech therapy, Moya can say more words. She is fond of dogs and can repeat any phrase while playing with them. She enjoys attending dog shows and petting animals at United Cerebral Palsy events.  She also enjoys watching ice skating at the Galleria. Moya is unable to walk at this time, but works on standing and walk simulation exercises with her physical therapist. She enjoys all types of music and starts dancing in her wheelchair when she hears music. 

Moya's parents are seeing her progress in all areas. She has received therapy for less than one year at Kirby Glen and continues to make improvements there and at home. Therapy at TIRR Kirby Glen is not just about right now – our pediatric rehabilitation services are customized to work for Moya’s future.