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What to Pack for Inpatient Rehabilitation 

Find a packing list below for what to bring (and what not to bring) for an inpatient rehabilitation stay at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

The patient needs:

  • Loose-fit, comfortable clothing that are easy to put on, such as sweat pants and T-shirts.
  • Depending on the therapy goals, the patient may need something with buttons, but normally pull-over shirts and elastic pants are most appropriate.
  • Shoes that don’t slip or slide; tennis shoes are encouraged. It may be requested to provide a show that is one size larger due to swelling in the feet, which is common after injury.
  • Undergarments (bras, socks, underwear).
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, personal grooming products, etc.).
  • As much as possible, we encourage items from home that represent a person’s personality prior to injury. It may not be necessary to purchase many new items.

The above items allow us to appreciate the value of physical appearance to a person’s dignity. It is important to us to allow a person to change out of a hospital gown during the daytime hours– as often as medically-able. This is one step to restoring a person’s sense of wellbeing after injury.

What should a patient NOT bring?

  • Large sums of money, jewelry or valuables.
  • Razors

Are laundry services available?

Because we are unable to provide personal laundry services, facilities are available for your convenience for your convenience. We ask that you provide your own laundry detergent.