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2020 Winter Edition

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Winter 2020 Edition

Education is Our Passport to the Future

Education is Our Passport to the Future

Rehabilitation professionals at TIRR Memorial Hermann recognize clinical care, education, research and advocacy as the four pillars that create an outstanding institution and lead to exceptional patient experiences. Rhonda Abbott, PT, FTPTA, vice president of operations for TIRR Memorial Hermann and the Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Network, talks about the ways in which education moves us forward into the future.

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Education Advances Rehabilitation Knowledge and Practice

In 2019, the program was restructured as TIRR Memorial Hermann Education, and now includes four distinct programs: the Education Academy, Staff Education and Training, the Student and Observer Program, and Post-professional Programs.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Takes Off the Training Wheels

Residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at McGovern Medical School is a four-year program with the first year of internal medicine built in.

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2016 Spring Gerard Francisco

Message from the CMO

As we celebrate our 60-year history of success in rehabilitation, we’re doing what we’ve always done: looking ahead to the future. Our task is to ensure that we have the resources to continue to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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TIRR 60th Anniversary Celebration

TIRR Memorial Hermann Celebrates 60 Years of Pushing the Envelope in Rehabilitation

Today, as TIRR Memorial Hermann celebrates its 60th anniversary, the hospital is ranked the best in the southern half of the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual listing of Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation.

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TIRR Memorial Hermann Milestones

As we celebrate 60 years, we look back on the milestones that brought us to this moment in our history.

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Improving Neurogenic Bladder Management in Spinal Cord Injury with Self-administered Neuromodulation

Other treatment strategies, including newer medications and bladder injections, are often too expensive or otherwise difficult to obtain. There is a need for alternative treatment strategies that are affordable and can be obtained anywhere.

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Katherine O'Brien, PhD

Profile in Caring: Katherine O’Brien, PhD

When asked why she chose a career in neuropsychology, Katherine O’Brien, PhD, often tells people she fell into it. The summer before she entered the University of Rochester in New York, Dr. O’Brien underwent endoscopic brain surgery for a colloid cyst, an incidental finding on imaging after she suffered a concussion in a fall. Today she is the brain injury program leader and clinical neuropsychologist for the Disorders of Consciousness (DoC) Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

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Nicole Harrison

Nicole Harrison Joins TIRR Memorial Hermann as Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

A nurse with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Nicole Harrison, MBA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, has held leadership positions for more than 17 of those years. She joined TIRR Memorial Hermann last May as vice president and chief nursing officer, with responsibility for nursing quality and patient care at two freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospitals.

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TIRR Memorial Hermann Welcomes Physicians

TIRR Memorial Hermann is pleased to announce the addition of four physicians to its medical staff: Cindy Ivanhoe, MD, Abana Azariah, MD, Matthew Lin, MD, and Kristin Varacalli, DO, MPH.

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TIRR Memorial Hermann employees receive accolades for their efforts in print, behind the podium and poster presentations.

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Jerry Ashworth

Message from the CEO

As Rhonda Abbott pointed out in our lead story, education is the beginning of practice in health care, and it is also the beginning of learning to live life with a disability. By investing in the education of our staff members, we help them advance in their disciplines and contribute to improved outcomes for our patients.

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