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TIRR Memorial Hermann Journal

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The Return-to-School Program: Mikayla Williams Makes a 180-degree Turn

On Easter Sunday in April 2014, out of the blue, Mikayla Williams had a seizure – a dramatic occurrence for an otherwise healthy 12-year-old girl. A CT scan and blood tests done at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital produced inconclusive results, and Mikayla was sent home with an anti-seizure medication. Exactly one week later, she suffered a second seizure....

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Return to School After Serious Illness or Injury

Children with serious illnesses or injuries often require extended absences from school, which can negatively affect schoolwork and emotional adjustment. For many of these children, going back to school is a tough physical and emotional challenge.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation Designed Especially for Children and Adolescents

TIRR Memorial Hermann Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation now provides intensive and specialized services for children at five locations in the Greater Houston area: at the Kirby Glen Center in southwest Houston...

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Keeping Children and Teens Well After Rehabilitation

Children and teens from ages 10 through 18 are invited to attend Camp Kids Unlimited August 4-7 at Camp Aranzazu in Rockport, Texas. Sponsored by TIRR Memorial Hermann, the camp offers adolescents with physical disabilities the opportunity to test their limits, improve their independence and make new friends.

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In It for the Long Haul: Patients with Cerebral Palsy Benefit from the Unique Relationship Between TIRR Memorial Hermann and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood, and spastic CP affects about 80 percent of people who have the disorder. Population-based studies from around the world report a prevalence estimate of one in 500 live births for spastic CP.

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Overcoming Feeding Aversions and Swallowing Problems: Samantha Shines On

When Samantha Shine came to TIRR Memorial Hermann Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation in September 2014, the 3-year-old was still eating puréed food – very slowly – and was underweight for her age. Six months later, she eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with her family and is moving toward a healthy weight.

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Innovations in Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussions are increasingly common in children and adolescents as parents encourage their children to engage in competitive sports at an earlier age. While neurologists are treating more head injuries, clinical neuropsychologists and physical therapists are...

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Active Children Excel: A New Program Makes Pediatric Weight Management a Family Affair

As the trend toward childhood obesity continues unabated, physicians are treating more children for conditions long associated with adulthood – hypertension, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, fatty liver and insulin resistance.

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Therapy Gives Natalie Fraker Strength and a Boost of Confidence

A couple of months shy of her fourth birthday, Natalie Fraker’s voice grew a little hoarse. An endoscopic examination by an otolaryngologist revealed a partially paralyzed vocal cord. Concerned that she might have a cyst on her vagus nerve...

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Keeping Children on the Move at the Pediatric Seating and Mobility Clinic

As technology improves, parents have more options for keeping children with motor, sensory or cognitive impairments moving safely and comfortably. At the Outpatient Pediatric Seating and Mobility Clinic at TIRR Memorial Hermann, therapists...

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Ongoing Pediatric Research Studies

TIRR Memorial Hermann and the Children’s Learning Institute Team Up to Enhance Early Development for Children with Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy

Each year, about 1,400 babies are born with spina bifida in the United States and about 10,000 children will develop cerebral palsy. The majority of these children will face multiple physical and cognitive challenges that affect their early learning and later academic performance, and their independence.

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TIRR Memorial Hermann Participates in Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of SCI Outcomes in Children and Adolescents

TIRR Memorial Hermann is one of seven research sites across the country selected to participate in a clinical trial designed to establish the lower age limit, reliability and validity of outcomes instruments used routinely in spinal cord injury clinical trials.

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