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2014 Winter

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Message of the CEO

Carl Josehart Photo

Carl E. Josehart
Chief Executive Officer
TIRR Memorial Hermann
System Executive for Rehabilitation Services
Memorial Hermann Health System

When I was recruited to TIRR Memorial Hermann in 2006, one of my first tasks was to guide an independent rehabilitation hospital as it transitioned to its new role as a member of the 12-hospital Memorial Hermann Health System. I felt the great sense of responsibility that comes with being entrusted with a national treasure.

During more than 50 years of service, TIRR Memorial Hermann has played a leadership role in the history of Houston and the history of rehabilitation. To move forward as The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research and pave the way for future contributions to our discipline, we knew we needed to harness the synergy created by uniting all our research programs under one roof.

The new TIRR Memorial Hermann Research Center rises three stories into the Houston sky about 100 steps from our hospital. From funding to finish, the dramatic transformation of an abandoned building took nearly three years to complete. By renovating a part of our history, we’re celebrating our past and honoring the contributions that came out of it. The third-story bridge connecting the research center and hospital represents more than access: it reinforces our triple mission of clinical care, education and research in a way that will sustain us well into the future.

Bridges are built for crossing from one side to the other. While we were breathing new life into an old building, we were also positioning TIRR Memorial Hermann as the anchor for a rehabilitation network grounded in excellence and stretching across Houston. As our patients have taught us, reinventing ourselves is not easy, but it’s a necessary endeavor if we are to move ahead.